Art & Photography Monday: Youngna Park

Youngna Park IS The Whole Package.  She seems equally skilled at taking nature shots, portraits, urban landscapes, interiors… you name it.  She’s based in Brooklyn and seems to continually use her surroundings as inspiration – as she should – then she’ll take off to the Dominican Republic to take photos of off-season sugarcane workers.

My favorite project of hers is called “Candy Cane Intervention” in which she goes to Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn and offers to swap a candy cane for a portrait and a little chat with passersby.  She connected with, I believe, 70 people that day who otherwise would’ve passed by unnoticed.  What a great way to spend a few hours.

Here are a few of her photos.  For more please visit her blog at  You can click on “Portfolio” to see her photos.  She is also represented by Jen Bekman’s gallery at http://www.20×


-Youngna Park

-Youngna Park

-Youngna Park

-Youngna Park

-Youngna Park


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