Travel Thursday: Luxe Guides

If you’re a mid-to-high income traveler (basically, you’re over the youth hostel thing) then I cannot recommend a travel guide higher than the Luxe City Guides for several reasons:

* Only $9.99 each
* Compact, accordian-style design fits in your pocket
* 31 cities to choose from
* Packed full of relevant, updated information
* Sassy, fun writing style
* They just look cool

I first discovered these when I lived in Hong Kong because I believe this company first focused on Asian cities.  I have about 7 of these myself and loan them out all the time.  They have expanded to include U.S. and European cities as well.

I have used their guides for Cambodia, Hanoi, Beijing, Venice, Paris, etc. and they are dead on every single time.  I am certainly not a high-income traveler but I still find these very useful because I always want to have at least one nice meal or one luxury-esque experience.  Also, the shopping itineraries are priceless.  They go something like this:

“Start out at #32 Smith Street which is a store called XYZ Fashions.  You can find amazing silk scarves and a friendly staff.  Once you’re done scooping up some scarves head out the front door, take a left and head to #45 Smith Street to ABC Coffee for the best French Press coffee in town.”

They go on and on like that and have grouped together half- and full-day shopping itineraries for you – remembering that you need to eat/drink along the way – so that you get the most out of your shopping time.  They also have hotel, restaurant, bar, club, museum and points of interest recommendations as well.

If you have a trip planned soon make sure you buy one of these before you go.  It will become your bible!


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