Free For All Friday: Sex ID

I hope for most of you that it’s pretty clear whether you’re a man or a woman.  But just HOW much of a man or woman are you?  I’ve always felt like I’m not the “typical” girl.  I remember when I was little and I got invited to a Cabbage Patch Kid party and everyone was supposed to bring their doll but I didn’t have one.  I didn’t spend my time playing with dolls.  Instead, I spent my time taking the pogo stick jumping record away from the most athletic boy in the neighborhood.  This is what was important to me.  So I borrowed my sister’s doll and went to the party and pretended I cared about Cabbage Patch Kids.  As soon as I got home I immediately began practicing riding my bike with no hands on the handlebars so I could have that neighborhood record as well.  I was slightly competitive.  And I still have the record to this day.

So after taking the BBC’s Sex ID quiz it was no surprise to me that the results stated that my brain is 25% male.

Where do you fall?  Take the quiz and let me know your results!

Happy Friday!


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