Sunday Wrap Up: Mother’s Day

Thanks to Hallmark for making today’s topic an easy choice.  My mom was great today.  She and my dad and I drove from Atlanta to Ft. Walton Beach, FL (6 hours) only to discover that once we arrived we didn’t have the key to the front door of the condo.  Oh, we had a key.  It’s even blue and has a beach scene on it.  So it was natural to think this was the right key.  But it wasn’t the right key.

My mom immediately activated her super-sleuthing skillz to track down everyone and their mother to find the cell phone number of another woman in the same complex who has a spare key to our condo.  After leaving messages on every cell phone in the tri-state area, we went to a beachside bar, drank some daquiris, had an unappetizing appetizer of hot boiled shrimp, and tried not to get too frustrated that our vacation couldn’t officially begin just yet.

When 5 hours went by and we still hadn’t heard from the spare key lady we caved and called a locksmith – paid him $50 for his 5 minutes of time – and we were in!  Mom was so excited to get to the beach.  It was like she was the kid and I was the parent yelling at her to put sunscreen on before she ran outside.

I have loved the evolution of our relationship as I’ve become an adult.  Now, we have become more friends than anything else.  I look out for her almost as much as she looks out for me.  And I try to teach her new things to which she’s been open.  She’s been a sport about certain lessons such as “The benefits of using agave syrup instead of Splenda in her coffee”.  Then, she even temporarily gave up her coffee to do a 9-day cleanse with me.  However, I still can’t get her to pass the test on “Why a nice Pino Grigio would compliment that sole fillet better than the beloved White Zinfindal and Diet Sprite cocktail” but that’s alright.  I’ll give her a “pass” for now and we can revisit that chapter later in the semester.

No matter where I go in life I know that woman will always be thinking about me and wanting the best for me.  I’m so lucky to have such unwavering support.  And she laughs at every single one of my jokes which is pretty cool too.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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