Motivation Wednesday: Change Will Do You Good

-David Reece via

Growing up, my mom would change the orientation of my bedroom furniture at least once a year.  It was so cool to come home from school and all of a sudden have a completely different perspective within the same 8′ x 10′ space.  She also had us go through all of our clothes twice a year – during the season change – and get rid of stuff we didn’t wear at all or knew we wouldn’t wear the following year.  This ritual is now ingrained in me and I think it is so important to make changes to your surroundings – no matter how small – every few months.  It refreshes your spirit!

I understand holding on to certain things because they hold sentimental value for you and make you feel like you’re “home”.  Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is absolutely necessary!  I do that as well.  But sometimes the other junk in our lives builds and builds until it takes control.  And that’s not good.  You can’t hold on to those things.  They’ll consume you.  And really… they’re inanimate objects.  Don’t let them take control!

Maybe you’re not ready to tackle the overstuffed garage just yet.  And that’s fine.  Take baby steps.  Clean out the fridge and pantry.  Throw out the food that has an embarrassing expiration date and donate the stuff that’s still good but you know you’ll never eat.  Then go to the grocery store and buy some food and drinks you love (and are hopefully healthy).

Or start out smaller than that.  Change the desktop wallpaper on your computer.  I do this about once a week.  As soon as I don’t notice the photo anymore and it literally becomes like wallpaper… I change it.  Use different place mats on your kitchen table.  Frame that photo or piece of art that’s been rolled up in your closet forever and finally hang it up!

Find whatever changes you are ready to make and MAKE THEM!  Don’t get sucked into that romantic comedy movie you’ve seen 17 times on TBS.  Instead, get off the couch and DO IT!  I know it’s easier said then done but trust me… you’ll feel so much better.

There is no time like the present…


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