Sunday Wrap Up: Good Friends

The older I get the more I realize just how damn spankin’ lucky I am.  I’ve always been acutely aware of it but with each new experience I have and every new person I meet it becomes THAT much clearer.

Considering the fact that I essentially had a perfect childhood and have the most supportive family a girl could ask for… and that I’m a woman born in the United States of America which is about as good as it gets… then add all of the incredible friends I’ve accumulated over the years and I’m rolling around in a ridiculous amount of fortune.

When faced with big life decisions, I’m the type of person who immediately jumps into planning mode.  I make lists.  I analyze the situation from every possible angle.  I talk about it out loud to no one in particular so I can organize the 1,000 thoughts running through my head.  Then, I present my situation to each of my friends to get their opinion.  I used to be the type of person who would ask for advice, consider it for a solid 2 seconds, then just do what I wanted all along.  I’ve always trusted my gut.  But now, with this current decision I am facing, I am utterly devoid of a gut feeling and my friends have proven invaluable to me.

One day I will think, “Yes, I’m definitely going in THIS direction” and I’ll feel really good about it.  Done.  Then, the next day someone who knows me extremely well will say something in the simplest way that will result in me immediately switching my mindset and going with the opposite decision with JUST as much certainty as I had about the PREVIOUS decision.  Amazing.

I am typically the type of person who can make decisions about most things fairly quickly.

“Yes, I’ll have the Asian Chicken Salad with no celery, please.  Thanks.”

“Do I want to transfer my balance to your no-hassle rewards card?  Fuck, no.”

But this one is a doozie and I feel very fortunate to have lived in so many different places and therefore racked up an embarrassingly long list of smart, down-to-earth, worldly and wise friends to go to for advice.  It is SO important to keep the positive, supportive people in your life close to you.  Not just as Facebook profiles but as true friends.  Let go of everyone else.  “Trim the fat” as one of my good friends says!

I can’t thank everyone enough for listening to me go on and on about what to do with my life for the past 5 months.  A possible new twist has entered the picture so I have still not made a decision.  But no matter where I go in life, I know that I have so much support that it’s literally impossible for me to fail.  And that makes me one lucky decision-making woman.

P.S.  I love how the cereal in the photo claims you get nearly 33% of your dietary fiber needs.  Score!  Although, I immediately wonder just how far away am I from the full 33%?  Couldn’t they just add a fiber-filled grain to the “quartet of flakes, blossoms, granola & raisins” to round it out?


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