Motivation Wednesday: BIG Change

Last Wednesday, I talked about making small changes in your life to help your spirit feel refreshed (I just changed my computer’s desktop photo again).  This week, I can’t help but talk about making BIG changes in your life as I’m about to do this for myself.  Having lived in 5 major cities in my post-collegiate life, I am certainly no stranger to big changes.  Tomorrow, I am leaving for Denver to give that city a shot.  I only have 2 friends there and no job waiting for me but I’m going anyway!  Is this the smartest way to make a change?  Maybe not.  Would it be better if I already had a job lined up?  Certainly.  But who cares?  To land the right job you have to physically be in the city first before most companies will interview you.  Will it be scary not knowing many people.  Sure!  But the experiences I have when I put myself in uncomfortable situations make me stronger.  And I have quite a few interesting stories to tell to boot!

I might fall flat on my face and come crawling home to my parents in Atlanta but again… who cares?  At least I tried something!  For some reason, my instinct has always been to run towards challenges and face fear head on.  But I know this doesn’t come naturally to everyone.  And it’s definitely not easy for me.  All of the same thoughts that go through your head when contemplating a big change go through mine as well.  Will it be hard to make friends?  Will I feel like an idiot?  Will I run out of money?  Will I be lonely?

What I have found is the answer to all of those questions at one time or another is “yes”.  It’s tough to start all over again.  But it’s worth it and it’s never too late.  Hopefully, I will live until at least 85 years old.  So WHAT if I’m 35 now.  I have 50 years left.  That’s a long time!

If you have considered a big change at all for yourself try boiling down the decision-making process to the basics:

Am I happy in my current situation?

Do I feel like I’m “over” where I currently live?

Is there somewhere else I’ve always wanted to live?

Is there nothing holding me to where I’m currently living?

If you answer “yes” to all of these questions then go for it!  Save some money, get in the car and just go!  It’s the American Way!  There are so many opportunities out there for people who are willing to grab life in this way.  Trust me, I know first hand.  I have found that it typically takes a full year to feel comfortable in your new city.  So please keep that in mind.  Also, a very important step in this process is to network like crazy.  Email every single person you have an email address for – it doesn’t matter if you haven’t spoken to them in a year – and tell them of your plans and ask if they know of anyone in that city.  This is what I did and I met the most amazing new friend in Denver through someone who I haven’t seen since I was 16 years old.  People will be impressed that you’re making a change and will be willing to help.

If you decide to make a change please let me know how it goes!



3 responses to “Motivation Wednesday: BIG Change

  1. I am constantly impressed by your drive for life. You have so many great experiences under your belt at such a young age. You will love Colorado. I lived out West for a year and the people are very laid back, active and “real.” Enjoy this new chapter! xoxo, E
    And once you get settled, hook me up with some ski passes for next winter (party of 6), hehe-jk

  2. Good luck to you! I too am a change-seeker. =)

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