Travel Thursday: So Far So Good

I left this morning for the first leg of my road trip to Denver.  Atlanta to St. Louis.  Google said it would take 9 1/2 hrs.  Only took about 8 hrs.  Sweet!  Below are some highlights:

9am – first fast food purchase
10:27am – first coffee spill on my only white t-shirt
10:37am – first time I heard “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift
11:37am – received third message from Atlanta friend wishing me well
11:54am – second time I heard “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift
12:10pm – second fast food purchase
12:31pm – first rain storm begins (I almost had to pull over it was so bad)
2:15pm – second rain storm begins
2:53pm – third rain storm begins
3:10pm – snickers & diet coke purchase
3:35pm – fourth rain storm begins
4:12pm – third fucking time I heard “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Fucking Swift
5:15pm – arrive in St. Louis

Some photos from my iPhone (vintage look courtesy of Hipstamatic iPhone app)

- I'm off! Good ol' I-75 on the way to Chattanooga

- Downtown Nashville

- This was the second, lighter thunderstorm

- I remember this movie! With Orlando Bloom & Kirsten Dunst. It sucked.

- View from my St. Louis hotel room. Not too shabby for $89.95!


2 responses to “Travel Thursday: So Far So Good

  1. Thanks for the run down. I see your eating well, driving safely (while taking pictures–I am SO guilty of this myself), and rocking out to superb music! Still jealous of the miles you’re driving… Enjoy! x

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