Free For All Friday: Road Trip Day 2

People weren’t kidding about Kansas, man.  Prairie land is gorgeous but after an hour or two or three of it… a little monotonous.  No worries though because I only have about 6 hours left to drive tomorrow then I’ll be in Denver.  Some highlights from today:

8:15am – breakfast in bed at my hotel (ahhhh…)
9:08am – awkward conversation with broken-English-speaking housekeeper about when she should come back to clean my room
9:10am – wimpy workout at hotel gym
10:20am – officially on the highway – going to see how long I can go without the radio on
11:25am – turned radio on
11:36am – first and last time hearing “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift
11:39am – truck driver stalks me
11:40am til 2:30pm – Prairieland
2:30pm – ate the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life.  If you’re ever in Kansas City you have to go to Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ and get the Z-Man sandwich!  Split the fries with someone because they give you way too many.  But they’re good too.  The restaurant itself is in an old gas station so it has that quirky Americana thing going on.  Forgot to bring my iPhone inside so no photos.  Sorry.
2:55pm – 5:37pm – Prairieland

My photos aren’t that great today (again, the vintage look in the first two is courtesy of iPhone app, Hipstamatic).  Below is what I was able to capture as I was hurling myself down the highway at 80mph:

- My attempt to get a photo of the silos

- Again, trying to capture the prairie but it's nearly impossible when I'm going 80mph

- Kansas City... wasn't that impressed with the skyline. Their BBQ on the other hand? To die for!


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