Sunday Wrap Up: Made it!

I made it to Denver yesterday and I was greeted with an 85 degree, sunny, no humidity, gorgeous day!  Perfect!  I went to Wash Park for some power walking, took a photo of all the people in the park and posted it to Facebook.

Within 2 minutes I had an invite to go to a Cuervo festival thing downtown from a guy I met the last time I was here.  He and his wife are really cool.  The festival itself was… interesting.  There were American Gladiators doing competitions I think but I didn’t see any of that.  I just drank and had a great time!  Pretty epic first night in Denver.  They had a DJ spinning music and the crowd was totally into it.

I definitely needed to go a little crazy.  I hardly went out at all during the 5 months I was in Atlanta.  So this was perfect!

My extended stay hotel isn’t TOO bad but I can’t wait to get settled in an apartment.  I met a guy today and saw his place will find out tomorrow if it’ll work out.  I really hope it does because it’s in a great location and he’s totally cool, laid back, and even older than me by a year or two so no drama from mid-20’s roommates.  Fingers crossed!


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