Art & Photography Monday: Blurb

Are you the type of person who takes tons of digital photos but never uploads them to your computer?  Shame, shame.  If you do take the time to upload your photos do you take a few additional minutes to edit your photos?  No?  Shame, shame.  One of my pet peeves is when people send me a link to their photos from a great vacation or a special event and they don’t take the time to edit the photos down to only the best ones.  They send me every single photo they took.  So I’ll get 5 photos of the same thing.  Over and over again.

Why not take a little bit of extra time to choose only the best photos and make those the representation of your vacation or event?  It will make for a much more pleasant photo-viewing experience for your family & friends and for you when you revisit those photos in the future.  A helpful tip if you’re on a multi-day vacation is to take a few minutes to go through your photos on your camera each night and delete the ones you know you don’t want.  It makes the photo editing process much less painful once you’re home.

I’d like to suggest taking it one step further by creating beautiful, color, hard bound photo books using a fabulous FREE software called Blurb.  There are several companies that produce these books but Blurb is the best!!  They offer different shapes and sizes, their pricing is very reasonable and the results are impressive.

Remember photo albums?  It’s so nice to have all of your photos from a particular time period or event in a nicely organized book isn’t it?  Then you can stack them on your shelves and bring them out anytime.  People can view your photos in 4×6, 5×7 or larger sizes instead of viewing them on your little LCD screen on your camera.

Blurb is so user-friendly too.  You simply download their Blurb BookSmart software, upload your photos then arrange them however you like and add text if you prefer.  I was so inspired by going to their website and viewing sample books.  They have wedding albums, family albums, blog books, photo books, cookbooks, etc.  Anything you can think of!  These can also make great gifts or even keepsakes you can give to guests who attended a special event of yours.

Take some time and use your creativity to make a really special book that you’ll have for all time.  Don’t look at it as a chore.  Look at it as a couple hours of creative fun that will result in a book you’ll cherish forever!


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