Sunday Wrap Up: Not What I Expected

I was getting sick on Friday so I stayed “home” (in my hotel room) and didn’t try to make plans.  I felt well enough on Saturday to go run some errands.  Saw SATC2 and it was just okay.  I wasn’t expecting much though.  Then I went to this art festival in downtown Denver which was fun.  I always love going to those things to see what people are doing.  It’s inspiring.  Then I met up with a good friend who is in town.  I thought I would just go to dinner with him, not drink, then go home so I don’t risk making my cold any worse.

What I ended up doing is having a blast and staying up almost all night long!  After not really going out for 5 months at home I guess I need to get my party on!  Today, I bought a bed frame and dresser – thrilling, I know – and I am so brain dead that this is all I can write for now.  No wit.  No details.  Just the facts.

Sorry, since I’m 35 years old I should recover by this time next week 🙂


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