Free For All Friday: T-Mobile City Chase USA

“A real life reality show… think ‘Fear Factor’ meets ‘The Amazing Race’…” -NBC News Chicago

Ready for an urban adventure??  I just found out about this event last night and unfortunately the Denver race is tomorrow and I (a) don’t have time to find a partner and (2) don’t know Denver well enough yet to do well in the game.  BUT, just because I’m missing out doesn’t mean you all have to!  Below is a list of the remaining cities and their respective dates:

San Diego – June 19th
Seattle – July 17th
Philadelphia – July 31st
Chicago – August 21st
Dallas – September 11th
New York City – September 25th
Austin – October 2nd

This is the 3rd year they have done this tour and they are only hitting 8 cities, Denver being the first.  Below is a quick description from their website:

Bored of your regular summer “To-Do” list!  The T-Mobile City Chase presented by BlackBerry is coming to a city near you this summer. Conquer your fears, discover your city and expect the unexpected. Every City Chase event is different, city-to-city and year-to-year.  City Chase will be turning 8 cities into urban obstacle courses and challenges participants to experience laughter, adventure and discovery throughout a full day of activity. So choose a city, find a partner and do more in 6 hours than your friends and family will be doing all summer… better yet, bring them with you.

I LOVE IT!  Check it out and if anyone participates in this you have to tell me how it goes!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed they come back to Denver next year!


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