Sunday Wrap Up – Allen Wrenches and Waffles

- Gemma Comas for

I moved into my apartment this week.  It’s been exhausting.  I’m seriously tired of doing everything by myself!  I somehow managed to get a box that was over 70 lbs from the back of my car, down some stairs and into my room.  And I wondered why my entire left leg was sore for 4 days?  Then it took about 2 hours to assemble the pieces of cheap composite wood panels using the screws and the 2-inch long allen wrench that West Elm generously provided.  It should have taken about 1 1/2 hours but I got cocky 3/4ths of the way through and had to back up a few steps.  I’m beat up and bruised but I eventually won the carpentry battle and emerged victorious with a new a 3-drawer dresser.  Now, I have 29 more boxes arriving at the end of next week from my storage unit.  Thankfully, that’s the last of it and soon enough I’ll feel whole again.  I can’t wait to set out some of my home accessories and artwork that I’ve collected during my travels as a reminder of everywhere I’ve been.  I wonder where life will lead next?

I’ve managed to befriend a cool married couple who have invited me to several gatherings the past couple of weeks and are so helpful.  I’m very thankful to them!  And next week I’ll start making plans with some other friends-of-friends to see what other people I can meet.  I’m working on getting a job although it’s very scary for me in this city.  There ain’t much, man.  But I have confidence in myself and my abilities and eventually something will turn up.

This week I hung out with some of my roommate’s friends.  They came over to hang out and we went to dinner at a great place called The Squeaky Bean.  I felt this all-too-familiar feeling while hanging out with them.  They’ve all known each other for years and have tons of memories and “remember that time” stories and I was sitting there laughing and trying to appreciate the fact that some guy I don’t know and will probably never meet used to date the girl sitting in front of me at the dinner table and one time he passed out at a bar and got kicked out and it was so funny and they had to drag him to the car and… (sigh)  I miss MY friends.  But I have learned through relocating to 4 major cities before this one that eventually I will have good friends of my own here.  It’s just a matter of time.

I saw three movies this weekend.

Get Him To The Greek = See it.
The Killers = See it if you’re a girl and you have nothing better to do.  Or if you’re a boy and your girlfriend has nothing better to do and you don’t either.
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo = See it!  (I need to read the book now and the other two before the next movies come out)

I also went to a Art/Craft/Music thing called the People’s Fair on Saturday.  Despite it being 85 degrees and my having to wear pants because I don’t have any of my summer clothes yet… I had a good time walking around admiring people’s creativity.  I might not like their style but I admire the effort it took them to have a booth at a fair.

Last night I went to a place in Cherry Creek that was kind of lame but it was nice to get out.  Then I went to a great french bistro place for brunch this morning (well, around noon) with the aforementioned cool married couple (coffee flavored whip cream on my waffle – yummm) then we checked out the Chalk Art Walk in Larimer Square.

Tomorrow, I must to get back to my healthy ways.  My road trip out here threw me off track for a bit and I’m looking forward to getting back to where I was a couple weeks ago.  It’s a good place.


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