Sunday Wrap Up: No More Excuses

I had a great weekend.  Started with a movie with Michael Caine called “Harry Brown” on Friday night.  Good flick.  Dark and depressing but good.  Then I came home and decided to keep the movie vibe going so I watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” on my computer.  Could not have been more opposite to “Harry Brown”.  I have a very random mix of DVDs in my possession due to an overflow of DVDs I bought while working for my cousin.  He asked me to get a bunch for his Aspen house and there were some duplicates.  If someone judged me based on my DVD collection they would be a very confused individual.  It goes from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” to “The Color Purple” to “Mr. Mom” with nothing in between to link them to each other.

Saturday I had a random gig where I was a faux paparazzi at a Demi Lovato concert at a suburban Denver mall.  All the tweenyboppers who were attending the concert got to walk through a red carpet press line simulated just for them.  And there was myself and about 6 other photographers taking their photo, pretending to be paparazzi by shouting things like, “One over here!” “Smile big for me!” “Give me attitude!”.  It was random and funny.

Then I met up with my roommate and his Irish buddies who had watched the USA vs. England World Cup match.  World Cup fascinates me because I never know how many of my friends are fans of it until it comes around.  Then all of a sudden they’re maniacal about watching matches at all hours of the morning.  They know everything about all the teams.  They love some and have intense hatred for others.  Meanwhile, I’m asking… “this is soccer, right?”  Okay, I’m not that ignorant but almost.

I felt like it would be a good idea to try and keep my drinking level up to par with the 7 Irish men I was hanging out with.  Lovely.  So today I’ve been sleeping it off and catching up on emails.

My boxes from storage were supposed to arrive on Friday but they were delayed and they finally arrive tomorrow!  I can’t wait to get settled!  Although, these boxes have been the one last excuse I’ve given myself to put off any real motivated effort to find a job and get my stuff together.  No excuses after tomorrow…….


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