Art & Photography Monday: 20×200

First of all, I apologize for not posting in a few days.  I traveled to Atlanta for my dad’s 60th birthday and it’s been one thing after another.  The day before I left I sprained my ankle.  The morning of my flight I got up at 3:45am after only about 45 minutes of true sleep only to have my Super Shuttle van that’s supposed to take me to the airport not show up.  Had to deal with that.  Connecting flight to Atlanta with no food on either flight.  Take public transport to suburbs only to find my mother standing there telling me her car won’t start.  Sit in 90 degree humid weather for 2 hours waiting for tow truck.  Still no food.  Took Ambien that night but it was too strong so I was out of it the whole next day.  Went to Talladega so Dad could ride 6 laps around the track for his birthday.  Ate at Cracker Barrell with the fam on the way back.  Partied at the house and ate so much junk food I wanted to explode.  Didn’t sleep because I was too full.  Still out of it on Sunday because of no sleep.  Took dad to burger joint for Father’s Day.  Ate more junk food and repeated same problem last night.  Woke up at noon today.  Have to wake up at 4:45am tomorrow morning for flight back to Denver.  Great trip but can’t wait to get back to my normal routine.

But today is not about me.  It’s about Art & Photography.  Check out Jen Beckman’s website, 20×200.  Buy good, cheap art!  And if you’re in NYC, check out her gallery in The Bowery.


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