Health & Wellness Tuesday: Get Back into the Groove

I was in a healthy groove for awhile and was feeling great but have fallen out of it the past month.  It started with my road trip to Denver where it was really hard to stick with healthy food as I drove through places like Kentucky and Kansas.  Not a whole lot of organic restaurants at Exit 256 on I-70.  Then, I tried to keep up with my protein shakes while I was in a hotel trying to find an apartment but again… it was tough.  Then, I found an apartment and started getting back into the groove but then I just went home to Atlanta and ate KFC, fries, pizza, candy, soda, etc. and I feel so gross.

It’s not easy to get into a healthy groove.  It takes constant discipline.  It does get easier once you’ve shed a little weight and 30 minutes of exercise doesn’t make you want to faint anymore.  You get addicted in a way to the positive results and to feeling better.  But even if you get into it there’s always the chance that you’ll lose that lovin’ yourself feeling and go for the Cheetos and ice cream instead.

The point of my rambling is to say that it’s OKAY.  It’s almost impossible to always avoid the bad stuff.  Especially in the states when it’s in your face everywhere you go.  When you’re ready just get back into it but don’t beat yourself up.  I’m starting again tomorrow and I can’t wait because I’m ready!!!


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