Motivation Wednesday: No Fear

In about 20 minutes I am going to join a “webinar” about a network marketing company which is going to fill me in on how I can make some money.  This is one of those types of companies that has a “tree” type structure or “pyramid” if you will.  BUT it’s NOT a pyramid scheme!  Those things have given legitimate network marketing companies a bad name.  A friend of mine inherited her father’s business which he had for a year and she has had for about the same amount of time and she receives checks every month.  She recently decided to step it up to see how much money she can actually make.

Then, I just received an email from a former boss of mine who has been building her own network marketing business and is having a webinar of her own tomorrow night!

I have mentioned the idea of starting my own network marketing business to a few people and each of them reacted the same way.  With absolute fear.  It’s such a shame that fear is typically the first reaction people have to new opportunities.  Just because people find a way to take advantage of every situation out there and use it to steal doesn’t mean that there aren’t great, honest people who are out there as well.

I’m tired of being a slave to my job.  Well, currently I don’t HAVE a job but if I DID I would be tired of being a slave to it!  Since moving to Denver, I have done nothing but spend money.  The only income I’ve had is $150 to be a fake paparazzi at a Demi Lovato concert at a suburban mall.  I’m almost out of money and this job market is insanely not in my favor.  I received a generic rejection email today for a Marketing Coordinator position that I’m overqualified for and the HR person said she received over 300 resumes for just that position.

It’s tough out there and I’m going to try and make it easier on myself.  It will take some work but everything worthwhile does.  I feel like going through life with no fear – or at least acknowledging the fear and pushing through it – is the only way to go.  You don’t have to start a network marketing company but whatever fear you have about something… figure out what about it is so scary to you… and think about what could possibly happen.  Then forget that shit, do all the preparation you can and go for it anyway!  It’s the only way to take control of your life and to grow and succeed!!


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