Travel Thursday: Let Credit Cards Get You There

Most people cringe when they think of credit card companies.  With their high interest rates and incessant junk mail offering one thing or another.  They’re annoying, right?  Well, yes, but there are GREAT rewards programs out there for anyone with decent credit.  They take advantage of us with ridiculously high interest rates and fees so why don’t we take advantage of THEM by maximizing their rewards programs?  Get the most for our money?!

This is going to be an experiment for myself as well but I am going to open a credit card and charge everything I can to it.  Everyday items.  BUT, I will make sure to pay the balance off each month.  I might even send a payment to the card once a week and keep myself on that sort of schedule so things never get out of control.  In the meantime, I’ll be accumulating points so fast that I’ll have a free flight before I know it!  A friend of mine with 2 kids has taken them all over the world with her points because she uses this system.

Do a little investigative work to see which card works best for you.  I found this site to be helpful to compare different offers out there.  A lot of cards offer 25,000 points when you sign up.  That’s a flight right there!  On average, I bet you can have a free flight anywhere in the world every year or two.  Just by using a credit card to pay for things instead of a debit card.  How great is that?!?!  How much time has gone by without a trip to Europe?  Why not be proactive and MAKE it happen for yourself?!

In doing research, I found this blog post by Lauren Quinn on her site,  It’s very informative and I recommend giving it a quick read.

Italy, here I come…..


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