Art & Photography Monday: YZ Blog

A couple years ago my friend, Sarah, had an idea to take a photo each day as a creative diary.  She was going to do it for one year.  I don’t think she made it and neither did I.  My “Photo of the Day” project turned into “Photo When I Feel Like It” after 55 days and I eventually just gave up.  Life got in the way, I was moving across the world, etc.  Excuses, excuses.  Above is one of my favorite shots I took during those 55 days.  It’s the view of someone walking down the street my apartment was on in Hong Kong during a rain storm.

There’s a photographer in Budapest who believes he can get through the entire year.  I have faith in him as it’s June 28th and he’s still going strong.  See his blog, YZ Photoblog, when you have a few minutes to kill.  Then, simply click anywhere on each photo and it will rewind one day to the previous photo.  Some of his photos are sweet and not exactly what I’d call amazing works of art but he does have some great photos in his collection.  And at least he is literally creating some sort of art once a day.  That’s a beautiful thing.


One response to “Art & Photography Monday: YZ Blog

  1. Nice. I love this one.

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