Sunday Wrap Up: The Unplanned Weekend

My interpretation of July 4th fireworks

I expected this weekend to be pretty lousy because it’s just one of those times when I’m new to a city and don’t have many friends and it’s a holiday weekend and I can’t get anyone to invite me to their soiree.  I try to make plans for myself so I’m busy and don’t have too much time to be bored and think about the fact that I’m alone.  BUT – it turned out to be a fantastic weekend which was completely unplanned.  Those are the best kind of weekends.

I saw “My Girl Friday” for the first time for FREE Saturday night at this great movie theater in Denver.  LOVE THAT MOVIE!  Wow.  Incredible.  I need to see it several times because I know I missed a bunch of dialogue.  It’s non-stop from the first frame.  After the movie, I joined a wedding reception after party which included some old friends I haven’t seen in a long time.  Made one new friend.  Joined wedding reception friends today for a Colorado Rockies baseball game.  Can’t get any more Americana than a hot dog, Cracker Jacks and baseball on July 4th.  Got to try out my new wide angle lens at the stadium.  Then was invited to a BBQ after the game so I was no longer missing out on that experience either.  Decided to have a burger at the BBQ instead of a hot dog to shake things up.  Made a connection with someone for job-related stuff.  Tomorrow, I’m now going to Boulder with two friends.  Yay!  Good stuff!


2 responses to “Sunday Wrap Up: The Unplanned Weekend

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