Health & Wellness Tuesday: My Trainer Bob

I'm all about listening to what this guy says

My friend Sarah and I were talking about which Twitter accounts we follow and since talking with her I’ve added a couple to my list (yes, Lindsay Lohan was added but now that she’s going to be in jail my guess is she won’t be quite as Twitterlicious).

My best addition though is @mytrainerbob.  It’s the account of Bob Harper from “The Biggest Loser” and I think it’s a great idea to get a daily tweet-minder (Okay, that was supposed to be a play on “reminder” but it doesn’t really work.  My apologies.) to help you stay on track by eating right and staying fit.  For instance, the other day he said to check out his website to see a video on how to do the perfect push up.  So, I went and was inspired to do some push ups right then in my room.  I barely made it to 11 but I have now vowed to do them at least 5 times per week to see how many I can build up to.  Mostly, because Bob says that it’s one of the best exercises you can do.  It hits everything.  And I listen to Bob.  I mean, LOOK at him!

On his website, he just launched a Daily Journal for which you can sign up.  I just did.  It’s FREE and allows you to track your food, exercise and daily motivations.  Also, on his website you can go to the “Challenges” section for new exercises to shake things up.  I get so bored doing the same exercises.  He might say something like, “Your Challenge today is to drink 10 glasses of filtered water, 50 push ups, 100 squats & shave 200 calories off your diet. You can do it!”  Or, he might post a video to show you how to do a particular Yoga Challenge.

I highly recommend using Bob’s knowledge to help you reach your health and fitness goals!  Let’s do it!


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