Sunday Wrap Up: Sunday Times & Jack White’s Eyeball

Today was the first Sunday in a very, very long time that I went to a local pub for a great brunch and sat there for about 3 hours reading the Sunday NY Times.  MAN, I missed doing that!  I felt bad at first because I thought I should be reading The Denver Post instead to support my new city’s paper but a local source has told me that their reporting isn’t quite up to snuff so I let go of my guilt and indulged in the superior paper.  Being unemployed, I’m trying to watch every penny I spend but decided that the $6 was worth it.  Sure, I could read it online but it’s just not the same.  I hope printed papers never go away.  And I hope that I won’t re-read this blog post in 20 years and smirk to myself about how naive I was back in 2010.  Thinking that printed papers would actually last.  I also hope I have better things to do with my time in 20 years than re-read this blog post.

There was an interesting article about Greg Mortenson, the author of “Three Cups of Tea” (a book I still need to read), and how he has become an unlikely U.S. military adviser in Afghan tribal areas.  Worth a quick read.

Went to trivia night for the second week in a row.  Our team placed second for the second week in a row.  Enough is enough.  Next week the title is OURS.

One more tidbit from the weekend is that I went to a “Dead Weather” concert which is another side project of Jack White’s.  Below is a photo of what was looking at me the entire show.  A little freaky but the music was good.

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