Motivation Wednesday: Guys on Romance

At first glance the topic of “Guys on Romance” might not seem to fit into the “Motivation” category but after reading this article on MSN I certainly felt motivated to go out on a date!  Even if you’ve already found that special someone this article could prove to be helpful because there might be one situation in there that makes you say, “Ahaaaa.  That makes sense!” which helps you going forward in your relationship.  You might be able to avoid a reoccurring argument or spending too much money on perfume (that statement will make sense after reading the article).  And as we know people, knowledge is power and feeling powerful is motivating!

I’m not a huge fan of grouping all men into categories and making assumptions that they all do this or that but if you’re already with someone then you know him well and will recognize if any of these situations apply to him.  And if you’re single and dating then you will be armed with the information once these situations arise as you get to know your new man.  I’ve seen articles like this before but I like the framework of this one by Ky Henderson.  He breaks it down into what’s overrated vs. underrated.  Below is an example:

Overrated: Humoring him by watching the game
Underrated: Doing your own thing while he watches the game.  If you truly enjoy drinking beer while watching sports, that’s great. But if you’re doing it solely for his sake, there’s no need to bother — he knows that you’re a girl. And he likes that.

Henderson covers a total of 10 of these situations and I think it’s worth a read for women but also for men just to see if they agree or disagree.  Let me know what you think!

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