Sunday Wrap Up: Boxed Wine & Apple Cobbler

Friday: Talked on the phone for about 2 hours with a friend who lives a 10 minute drive away.  Drank 4 glasses of Riesling from a box.  Ate late night hummus and quinoa.  Watched Part 1 of “The Sound of Music” and fell asleep.

Saturday: Popped ibuprofen to get rid of box wine hangover.  Hung out with same phone friend and her 2 kids all day.  Great quality time.  Went to a pool with a big SLIDE and proceeded to go down slide about 17 times (woo hoo!).  Some kids let me cut in line one time because I think they could tell I was chompin’ at the bit to go down.

Sunday: Volunteered at the Dragon Boat Races at Sloan’s Lake.  Met a couple interesting people.  Got sunburned.  Got a free coupon for a coffee at the McCafe at McDonald’s.  Went home.

Sunday night: Went to a bar to watch “Mad Men” premiere since I currently don’t own a TV.  Audio wasn’t very good so I need to see it again.  Ate too much apple cobbler and now I’m rolling around in bed trying to get comfortable but can’t and wish I could remove my stomach.  Just for tonight.  Will watch “Jerry Maguire” on until I go to sleep.

Tomorrow: I’m driving to Aspen to visit with family for a few days.  Can’t wait!


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