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Art & Photography Monday: Henri Cartier-Bresson

If you’re in Chicago anytime from now until October 3rd you should check out the Art Institute of Chicago’s exhibition of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work (organized by the MoMA in NYC).  With over 300 images, it’s the largest exhibition of his work in 30 years.  His work is some of the most influential in the history of photography.  If you’re not going to be in Chicago, then I suggest you take a few minutes today to check out his work here.  It’s nice to reflect on the work of the masters and be transported back to as early as the 1930’s before going back to typing on our iPads and reading from our Kindles.


Art & Photography Monday: HuffPost Arts

My former employer, The Huffington Post, recently launched a new Arts vertical which I feel is worth bringing to your attention.  It is of course in the same tried and true format as all of their other verticals where they have blog posts from notable people in the art world down the left side of the page then links to news and information in the middle column.  I noticed that one such article was pulled from the NY Times this past Sunday in which they shadow a freelance ballet dancer for a season and let us in on the realities of that grueling lifestyle.

What I find valuable is that you can read interesting opinions and insights into the art world via the blog posts then also learn about the latest news regarding art, photography, dance, theater, music, etc.  They also keep you informed of important exhibitions around the globe.  Overall, it’s a great summary of the latest and greatest on the art scene all in one place!

Art & Photography Monday: Engaged Observers

- Mary Ellen Mark, "Rat" and Mike with a Gun, Seattle

There is currently a great exhibit at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles that you must check out if you’re in that city.  It runs through November 14th so you have plenty of time.  It’s called “Engaged Observers” and highlights some of the most important documentary photographers from the 1960’s through today.  Topics range from Philip Jones Griffith’s coverage of the Vietnam War to Mary Ellen Mark’s photos of runaway teens in Seattle in 1983 to Lauren Greenfield’s photos concerning current Girl Culture (check out her book of the same title).

This exhibit covers such a wide range of photographers and styles that there is something for everyone.  I highly recommend it.

Art & Photography Monday: YZ Blog

A couple years ago my friend, Sarah, had an idea to take a photo each day as a creative diary.  She was going to do it for one year.  I don’t think she made it and neither did I.  My “Photo of the Day” project turned into “Photo When I Feel Like It” after 55 days and I eventually just gave up.  Life got in the way, I was moving across the world, etc.  Excuses, excuses.  Above is one of my favorite shots I took during those 55 days.  It’s the view of someone walking down the street my apartment was on in Hong Kong during a rain storm.

There’s a photographer in Budapest who believes he can get through the entire year.  I have faith in him as it’s June 28th and he’s still going strong.  See his blog, YZ Photoblog, when you have a few minutes to kill.  Then, simply click anywhere on each photo and it will rewind one day to the previous photo.  Some of his photos are sweet and not exactly what I’d call amazing works of art but he does have some great photos in his collection.  And at least he is literally creating some sort of art once a day.  That’s a beautiful thing.

Art & Photography Monday: 20×200

First of all, I apologize for not posting in a few days.  I traveled to Atlanta for my dad’s 60th birthday and it’s been one thing after another.  The day before I left I sprained my ankle.  The morning of my flight I got up at 3:45am after only about 45 minutes of true sleep only to have my Super Shuttle van that’s supposed to take me to the airport not show up.  Had to deal with that.  Connecting flight to Atlanta with no food on either flight.  Take public transport to suburbs only to find my mother standing there telling me her car won’t start.  Sit in 90 degree humid weather for 2 hours waiting for tow truck.  Still no food.  Took Ambien that night but it was too strong so I was out of it the whole next day.  Went to Talladega so Dad could ride 6 laps around the track for his birthday.  Ate at Cracker Barrell with the fam on the way back.  Partied at the house and ate so much junk food I wanted to explode.  Didn’t sleep because I was too full.  Still out of it on Sunday because of no sleep.  Took dad to burger joint for Father’s Day.  Ate more junk food and repeated same problem last night.  Woke up at noon today.  Have to wake up at 4:45am tomorrow morning for flight back to Denver.  Great trip but can’t wait to get back to my normal routine.

But today is not about me.  It’s about Art & Photography.  Check out Jen Beckman’s website, 20×200.  Buy good, cheap art!  And if you’re in NYC, check out her gallery in The Bowery.

Art & Photography Monday: Falling Water

I’m on an architecture kick lately and thought I would write a post about Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water house which he designed and was built in the 1930’s.  A lot of people have heard of this house but it never hurts to be reminded of a classic.  There’s a cool CG animated movie that’s only about 3:30 long (the last minute is credits) that’s definitely worth checking out (the music score doesn’t hurt by putting you in a relaxed mood).  I feel like I would be happy with so many different styles of homes but every time I see this one… this is it for me.  Dream home!  Has anyone visited this home and seen it in person?  It’s on my long… very long… life “to do” list.

Art & Photography Monday: Dwell

I picked up this special Summer 2010 issue of Dwell Magazine this weekend and I highly recommend it.  I find it so fascinating to see how people all over the world – from all different economic levels – achieve their dream home.  Sometimes they’re thrown some crazy sloping lots or structural issues or clashes with their genius architects, but in the end they all wind up with special spaces which delight the imagination.  Tuck into a cafe… grab a coffee and a cookie and flip through these pages for a bit.  If you’re into architecture at all you won’t be disappointed.