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Free For All Friday: Color IQ and Double Rainbow Guy

Does everyone see color the same way?  Take this test to find out what you see vs. what is correct.  I scored an 11 which I think is decent but I wish I had done better.

Speaking of color, in case you’re curious what the “Double Rainbow” guy looks like check this out:


Free For All Friday: White Women’s Workout & Hot Idiots

Happy Friday!

Two videos for you:

(1) Hopefully you all won’t be offended by the first video.  If you are I truly apologize.  But I thought it was funny enough to take the risk and post it.  Godfrey is always a bit over-the-top in my opinion but the concept of this video is hilarious.

Check it out!

(2) Hot idiots.  I love this.  Especially because I remember Victor Webster from my casting days and always begging my bosses to bring him in for an audition.  Pathetic, I know but he’s so PRETTY!  He’s the robot guy in the video and looks a little scruffy here but there are better photos here.  Or just Google him for hours of fun.

Check it out!

Free For All Friday: Apologies!

I’m so sorry everyone!  I have had non-stop visitors in town and have been on the go since this past weekend.  I’ve enjoyed every moment of it but have been away from my computer and unable to post.  I’m finally able to start playing catch up and will be back to my normal blogging schedule this Sunday.  I hope everyone has had a great week!

Free For All Friday: Two Videos

Here are two videos that I think you all should see.  The first is “Logorama” which won the Academy Award for Best Short Film this year.  It’s incredible.  Seeing a maniacal Ronald McDonald is worth your time in addition to the incredible imagination that goes into the logo placements.

Unfortunately, this video has closed captioning that I can’t figure out how to get rid of so if it bothers you then watch the original video posted on Vimeo here.

The second video is one that just made me laugh out loud.  Several times.  I know the oil spill has devastated so many people so maybe it’s a bit early to visit the humorous side of this nightmare but if you can let go for just a couple of minutes this is worth it.  I can’t figure out how to embed the video so you can watch it here.

Happy Friday!

Free For All Friday: Animal Perspectives

This is pretty random but that’s what “Free For All Fridays” are for!  A guy named Jeff Seminoff, along with National Geographic, used video cameras to capture the perspectives from different animals.

My favorite is the armadillo.  Least favorite?  Scorpion.  Give me the eebee jeebees

Check it out!

Free For All Friday: Stereomood

I just discovered the best website…  Stereomood!  They have compiled great playlists to go along with any mood you might be in.  Just go to the site, click what mood you’re in and rock away!  Or, cry away with “Feel Like Crying”.  Other examples are “Spring Cleaning,” “Quiet,” “Sunday Morning,” “Writing,” and “Optimistic”.  I’m listening to “Sunny Day” right now and bopping in my chair as I type this.  The music started immediately and I haven’t had any streaming problems.  And it’s free!

Sites like this make me love the internet.

Happy Friday!

Free For All Friday: A Couple Happys

I have the beginnings of a sinus infection so I am treating myself to lots of bed rest and a huge cookie today.  I haven’t been sick in a long time and I wish I had gotten sick when I was still at home with my mom and dad so I could get some sympathy and have them bring me soup and ginger ale and a cool washcloth for my forehead.  But instead, I decided to move to Denver and now I don’t have anyone to take care of me so I went to Whole Foods and Walgreens to get some food and meds.  Needing sympathy from someone… anyone… I amped up the scratchiness of my voice when I talked to the cashiers in the hopes that I’d get a little sympathy.  Denied at both locations.  So pathetic!  Haha!

Because I don’t feel good I’m going to keep today’s post pretty simple.  Click here to see a funny video (I tried to embed the code but it didn’t work).

I’ve noticed that Google is getting too smart for their own good lately.  If I type the word “attached” or “included” in an email then attempt to send the email a window will pop up that asks something like, “I noticed you typed the word ‘attached’ but you did not attach a file.  Would you like to attach a file before sending?”  Scary.  I can’t imagine what Google will know about me in 10 years.

Also, I read recently that London revealed the mascots for the 2012 Olympics.  Again – scary!

What the HELL?!?!  These guys take “London Eye” to another level.  One is for the official Olympics and one is for the Paralympics and their names are Wenlock and Mandeville, respectively.  I have a feeling that coming up with new mascots will be one of the many tasks the Brits will be scurrying to finish at the last minute.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!  And if you’re not in the states… sorry you have to work on Monday.

Update (6:16pm) – My dad called to say hi and said, “It sounds like you have a cold!” and I said, “Yeahhhhh” in my best sore throat voice I could muster.  I proceeded to get a bunch of sympathy.  Score!