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Motivation Wednesday: Guys on Romance

At first glance the topic of “Guys on Romance” might not seem to fit into the “Motivation” category but after reading this article on MSN I certainly felt motivated to go out on a date!  Even if you’ve already found that special someone this article could prove to be helpful because there might be one situation in there that makes you say, “Ahaaaa.  That makes sense!” which helps you going forward in your relationship.  You might be able to avoid a reoccurring argument or spending too much money on perfume (that statement will make sense after reading the article).  And as we know people, knowledge is power and feeling powerful is motivating!

I’m not a huge fan of grouping all men into categories and making assumptions that they all do this or that but if you’re already with someone then you know him well and will recognize if any of these situations apply to him.  And if you’re single and dating then you will be armed with the information once these situations arise as you get to know your new man.  I’ve seen articles like this before but I like the framework of this one by Ky Henderson.  He breaks it down into what’s overrated vs. underrated.  Below is an example:

Overrated: Humoring him by watching the game
Underrated: Doing your own thing while he watches the game.  If you truly enjoy drinking beer while watching sports, that’s great. But if you’re doing it solely for his sake, there’s no need to bother — he knows that you’re a girl. And he likes that.

Henderson covers a total of 10 of these situations and I think it’s worth a read for women but also for men just to see if they agree or disagree.  Let me know what you think!


Motivation Wednesday: The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin’s #1 NY Times Bestselling book “The Happiness Project” came out in December 2009 and I wish I had heard about it back then because that is exactly when I returned to the states after living abroad for 2 1/2 years.  I was pretty lost and certainly could have benefited from her account of her experiences.  As she says on her website she, “spent [a year] test-driving the wisdom of the ages, the current scientific studies, and the lessons from popular culture about how to be happy–from Aristotle to Martin Seligman to Thoreau to Oprah.”

She now has a blog in which she helps you create your own “Happiness Project”.  You may not want to get as involved as she did but her blog is definitely worth bookmarking and visiting once a week.  Coincidentally, she has deemed Wednesday her day to give a motivational tip as well.  She has tons of tips, quizzes, videos and advice posts to help you with any sort of specific motivational topic you may be interested in.  I personally love her Twelve Personal Commandments:

  1. Be Gretchen. (insert your own name)
  2. Let it go.
  3. Act the way I want to feel.
  4. Do it now.
  5. Be polite and be fair.
  6. Enjoy the process.
  7. Spend out.
  8. Identify the problem.
  9. Lighten up.
  10. Do what ought to be done.
  11. No calculation.
  12. There is only love.

As soon as I’m done with my current book I’m going to check this one out.  I suggest at least giving her blog a look to see if you can get anything out of it.  I’ll bet that you do!

Motivation Wednesday: How to Motivate Yourself

I read a brief but helpful article recently on about how to motivate yourself that I feel might help anyone else out there having a hard time motivating themselves toward a particular goal.

According to the editor who wrote the article, there are three primary reasons we lose motivation.

  1. Lack of confidence – If you don’t believe you can succeed, what’s the point in trying?
  2. Lack of focus – If you don’t know what you want, do you really want anything?
  3. Lack of direction – If you don’t know what to do, how can you be motivated to do it?

Please visit the link above for the rest of the article.  Like I said… it’s brief but very helpful.  It might even inspire you to create a new goal for yourself.

Motivation Wednesday: No Fear

In about 20 minutes I am going to join a “webinar” about a network marketing company which is going to fill me in on how I can make some money.  This is one of those types of companies that has a “tree” type structure or “pyramid” if you will.  BUT it’s NOT a pyramid scheme!  Those things have given legitimate network marketing companies a bad name.  A friend of mine inherited her father’s business which he had for a year and she has had for about the same amount of time and she receives checks every month.  She recently decided to step it up to see how much money she can actually make.

Then, I just received an email from a former boss of mine who has been building her own network marketing business and is having a webinar of her own tomorrow night!

I have mentioned the idea of starting my own network marketing business to a few people and each of them reacted the same way.  With absolute fear.  It’s such a shame that fear is typically the first reaction people have to new opportunities.  Just because people find a way to take advantage of every situation out there and use it to steal doesn’t mean that there aren’t great, honest people who are out there as well.

I’m tired of being a slave to my job.  Well, currently I don’t HAVE a job but if I DID I would be tired of being a slave to it!  Since moving to Denver, I have done nothing but spend money.  The only income I’ve had is $150 to be a fake paparazzi at a Demi Lovato concert at a suburban mall.  I’m almost out of money and this job market is insanely not in my favor.  I received a generic rejection email today for a Marketing Coordinator position that I’m overqualified for and the HR person said she received over 300 resumes for just that position.

It’s tough out there and I’m going to try and make it easier on myself.  It will take some work but everything worthwhile does.  I feel like going through life with no fear – or at least acknowledging the fear and pushing through it – is the only way to go.  You don’t have to start a network marketing company but whatever fear you have about something… figure out what about it is so scary to you… and think about what could possibly happen.  Then forget that shit, do all the preparation you can and go for it anyway!  It’s the only way to take control of your life and to grow and succeed!!

Motivation Wednesday: New Experiences

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendall Holmes

I love this quote because it motivates me to want to try something new.  Big or small.  Whether I have a fear about trying it or I’ve just become complacent.  I love the idea of molding my mind and enriching it simply by trying something new.  And with each new experience you become…. more.  You’re different yet a higher quality “you”.  I suppose that’s what getting older is all about.  Acquiring that wisdom and all.  I’d like to try and be active about it in the hopes that with each new experience my life becomes that much more enhanced which only makes the subsequent experiences that much better.  (Did that make any sense?)

Motivation Wednesday: Creative Outlets

The only truly happy people are children and the creative minority.
-Jean Caldwell

Several years ago a co-worker of mine was taking a 35mm photography class one night a week after work so that she could have some sort of creative stimulation outside of our admin-assistant-drone existences.  I was so inspired by how happy she was every Thursday when she would come into work with her new photo she had printed in the darkroom.  So I copied her idea and took the same class at the same school and have really been into photography ever since.

If you have been thinking that it would be nice to have some sort of creative outlet – whether it’s painting, photography, acting, cooking, anything! – then go for it!  Make it happen for yourself.  I bet there are classes starting now for summer sessions.  I can’t tell you how much fun it was to challenge myself in that way.  I was always more of a math/science person in school so I’ve always been a little intimidated by creative type classes.  But after taking a few of them as an adult I realized just how important it is!  And we’re all adults now.  No one is going to make fun of you in class.  Being able to take a decent photo has enriched my life so much and it’s now a skill I will have the rest of my life.  If you can’t fork over the cash for a class right now then why not buy a beginner’s guide or a how-to type book?

All children draw pictures.  All of them.  Then somewhere along the way most of them stop.  Why not start again???  As an adult, I’ve actually bought a coloring book and crayons before.  It was pretty fun 🙂

Motivation Wednesday: Time Passes Anyway…

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”

~ Earl Nightingale

I know several people, including myself, who need to take this phrase to heart.  Hopefully, with advancing medical technology, we’ll all live to be over 100 years old.  But just to be safe, let’s assume we live until we’re 85.  That’s a long time.  So what’s a few years right now?  If you think about it… nothing, really.  You can’t worry about what might come up in your life in the next few years and let those unknown variables stop you from pursuing something you really want to do.  Life is an unpredictable roller coaster.  You just gotta go for it!