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Sunday Wrap Up: Boxed Wine & Apple Cobbler

Friday: Talked on the phone for about 2 hours with a friend who lives a 10 minute drive away.  Drank 4 glasses of Riesling from a box.  Ate late night hummus and quinoa.  Watched Part 1 of “The Sound of Music” and fell asleep.

Saturday: Popped ibuprofen to get rid of box wine hangover.  Hung out with same phone friend and her 2 kids all day.  Great quality time.  Went to a pool with a big SLIDE and proceeded to go down slide about 17 times (woo hoo!).  Some kids let me cut in line one time because I think they could tell I was chompin’ at the bit to go down.

Sunday: Volunteered at the Dragon Boat Races at Sloan’s Lake.  Met a couple interesting people.  Got sunburned.  Got a free coupon for a coffee at the McCafe at McDonald’s.  Went home.

Sunday night: Went to a bar to watch “Mad Men” premiere since I currently don’t own a TV.  Audio wasn’t very good so I need to see it again.  Ate too much apple cobbler and now I’m rolling around in bed trying to get comfortable but can’t and wish I could remove my stomach.  Just for tonight.  Will watch “Jerry Maguire” on until I go to sleep.

Tomorrow: I’m driving to Aspen to visit with family for a few days.  Can’t wait!


Sunday Wrap Up: Sunday Times & Jack White’s Eyeball

Today was the first Sunday in a very, very long time that I went to a local pub for a great brunch and sat there for about 3 hours reading the Sunday NY Times.  MAN, I missed doing that!  I felt bad at first because I thought I should be reading The Denver Post instead to support my new city’s paper but a local source has told me that their reporting isn’t quite up to snuff so I let go of my guilt and indulged in the superior paper.  Being unemployed, I’m trying to watch every penny I spend but decided that the $6 was worth it.  Sure, I could read it online but it’s just not the same.  I hope printed papers never go away.  And I hope that I won’t re-read this blog post in 20 years and smirk to myself about how naive I was back in 2010.  Thinking that printed papers would actually last.  I also hope I have better things to do with my time in 20 years than re-read this blog post.

There was an interesting article about Greg Mortenson, the author of “Three Cups of Tea” (a book I still need to read), and how he has become an unlikely U.S. military adviser in Afghan tribal areas.  Worth a quick read.

Went to trivia night for the second week in a row.  Our team placed second for the second week in a row.  Enough is enough.  Next week the title is OURS.

One more tidbit from the weekend is that I went to a “Dead Weather” concert which is another side project of Jack White’s.  Below is a photo of what was looking at me the entire show.  A little freaky but the music was good.

Sunday Wrap Up: The Unplanned Weekend

My interpretation of July 4th fireworks

I expected this weekend to be pretty lousy because it’s just one of those times when I’m new to a city and don’t have many friends and it’s a holiday weekend and I can’t get anyone to invite me to their soiree.  I try to make plans for myself so I’m busy and don’t have too much time to be bored and think about the fact that I’m alone.  BUT – it turned out to be a fantastic weekend which was completely unplanned.  Those are the best kind of weekends.

I saw “My Girl Friday” for the first time for FREE Saturday night at this great movie theater in Denver.  LOVE THAT MOVIE!  Wow.  Incredible.  I need to see it several times because I know I missed a bunch of dialogue.  It’s non-stop from the first frame.  After the movie, I joined a wedding reception after party which included some old friends I haven’t seen in a long time.  Made one new friend.  Joined wedding reception friends today for a Colorado Rockies baseball game.  Can’t get any more Americana than a hot dog, Cracker Jacks and baseball on July 4th.  Got to try out my new wide angle lens at the stadium.  Then was invited to a BBQ after the game so I was no longer missing out on that experience either.  Decided to have a burger at the BBQ instead of a hot dog to shake things up.  Made a connection with someone for job-related stuff.  Tomorrow, I’m now going to Boulder with two friends.  Yay!  Good stuff!

Sunday Wrap Up: Goose Poop and The Book Thief

I had a pretty tame weekend considering I was cleansing so therefore not eating much or drinking any alcohol.  Needed to detox after my Atlanta weekend and I feel much better.

Watched the movie “Philadelphia” Friday night as I had never seen it.  I can’t believe that movie was made 16 years ago!  And, while watching it I couldn’t believe how dated it felt.  I was reminded of how far we’ve come as a society regarding our attitudes about people who have HIV/AIDS and about the gay community.  And how we still have so far to go.

Saturday, I exercised at Sloans Lake in the Highlands.  I love this park!  It’s a true city park with too much goose poop on the sidewalk and some vagrants but several people either smiled or said hi as I passed by and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous!  Then I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival and thought I’d get my Asian on but it was pretty disappointing.  It only took about 10 minutes to walk through and see all the stalls.  And I never saw any cherry blossom trees.  It mostly consisted of the local Asian population selling lots of Asian trinkets of which I already have way too many.  And it felt a little strange to have lived in Asia and to now be in Denver watching the local Asian people here sell the exact same stuff that I bought over there.  I thought I was super cool having been able to buy little things here and there on small side streets in various Asian countries but in the end… I’m just a tourist buying the same crap you can get apparently get anywhere.  I did catch the end of a Judo demonstration where a girl kicked three guys butts who were attacking her so that was cool.

I met up with my roommate and some of his friends to watch the end of the US World Cup match.  I don’t know much about it but it’s a bummer we lost.  Then I went to see “Knight and Day” and despite the great stunts I was mad at myself for spending $10 in my unemployed state on that movie.  I have no desire to ever see Tom Cruise in a romantic role again.  Ever.

Today, I rode one of Denver’s B Cycle bikes to the Central Library and did some studying on the technicals of photography.  I’m WAY overdue on studying this stuff.  It’s embarrassing.  Then I had dinner at one of my new favorite places, City O’ City, which is a vegetarian restaurant/cafe.  I sat in the corner that has a setup not unlike Central Perk on “Friends”.  I read some of the current book I’m reading, “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak.  If you’re looking for a new book to read I highly recommend this one.  I love the way he phrases things.  Describing a man as having a “hemispherical waistline” was my favorite phrase today.

Sunday Wrap Up: No More Excuses

I had a great weekend.  Started with a movie with Michael Caine called “Harry Brown” on Friday night.  Good flick.  Dark and depressing but good.  Then I came home and decided to keep the movie vibe going so I watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” on my computer.  Could not have been more opposite to “Harry Brown”.  I have a very random mix of DVDs in my possession due to an overflow of DVDs I bought while working for my cousin.  He asked me to get a bunch for his Aspen house and there were some duplicates.  If someone judged me based on my DVD collection they would be a very confused individual.  It goes from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” to “The Color Purple” to “Mr. Mom” with nothing in between to link them to each other.

Saturday I had a random gig where I was a faux paparazzi at a Demi Lovato concert at a suburban Denver mall.  All the tweenyboppers who were attending the concert got to walk through a red carpet press line simulated just for them.  And there was myself and about 6 other photographers taking their photo, pretending to be paparazzi by shouting things like, “One over here!” “Smile big for me!” “Give me attitude!”.  It was random and funny.

Then I met up with my roommate and his Irish buddies who had watched the USA vs. England World Cup match.  World Cup fascinates me because I never know how many of my friends are fans of it until it comes around.  Then all of a sudden they’re maniacal about watching matches at all hours of the morning.  They know everything about all the teams.  They love some and have intense hatred for others.  Meanwhile, I’m asking… “this is soccer, right?”  Okay, I’m not that ignorant but almost.

I felt like it would be a good idea to try and keep my drinking level up to par with the 7 Irish men I was hanging out with.  Lovely.  So today I’ve been sleeping it off and catching up on emails.

My boxes from storage were supposed to arrive on Friday but they were delayed and they finally arrive tomorrow!  I can’t wait to get settled!  Although, these boxes have been the one last excuse I’ve given myself to put off any real motivated effort to find a job and get my stuff together.  No excuses after tomorrow…….

Sunday Wrap Up – Allen Wrenches and Waffles

- Gemma Comas for

I moved into my apartment this week.  It’s been exhausting.  I’m seriously tired of doing everything by myself!  I somehow managed to get a box that was over 70 lbs from the back of my car, down some stairs and into my room.  And I wondered why my entire left leg was sore for 4 days?  Then it took about 2 hours to assemble the pieces of cheap composite wood panels using the screws and the 2-inch long allen wrench that West Elm generously provided.  It should have taken about 1 1/2 hours but I got cocky 3/4ths of the way through and had to back up a few steps.  I’m beat up and bruised but I eventually won the carpentry battle and emerged victorious with a new a 3-drawer dresser.  Now, I have 29 more boxes arriving at the end of next week from my storage unit.  Thankfully, that’s the last of it and soon enough I’ll feel whole again.  I can’t wait to set out some of my home accessories and artwork that I’ve collected during my travels as a reminder of everywhere I’ve been.  I wonder where life will lead next?

I’ve managed to befriend a cool married couple who have invited me to several gatherings the past couple of weeks and are so helpful.  I’m very thankful to them!  And next week I’ll start making plans with some other friends-of-friends to see what other people I can meet.  I’m working on getting a job although it’s very scary for me in this city.  There ain’t much, man.  But I have confidence in myself and my abilities and eventually something will turn up.

This week I hung out with some of my roommate’s friends.  They came over to hang out and we went to dinner at a great place called The Squeaky Bean.  I felt this all-too-familiar feeling while hanging out with them.  They’ve all known each other for years and have tons of memories and “remember that time” stories and I was sitting there laughing and trying to appreciate the fact that some guy I don’t know and will probably never meet used to date the girl sitting in front of me at the dinner table and one time he passed out at a bar and got kicked out and it was so funny and they had to drag him to the car and… (sigh)  I miss MY friends.  But I have learned through relocating to 4 major cities before this one that eventually I will have good friends of my own here.  It’s just a matter of time.

I saw three movies this weekend.

Get Him To The Greek = See it.
The Killers = See it if you’re a girl and you have nothing better to do.  Or if you’re a boy and your girlfriend has nothing better to do and you don’t either.
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo = See it!  (I need to read the book now and the other two before the next movies come out)

I also went to a Art/Craft/Music thing called the People’s Fair on Saturday.  Despite it being 85 degrees and my having to wear pants because I don’t have any of my summer clothes yet… I had a good time walking around admiring people’s creativity.  I might not like their style but I admire the effort it took them to have a booth at a fair.

Last night I went to a place in Cherry Creek that was kind of lame but it was nice to get out.  Then I went to a great french bistro place for brunch this morning (well, around noon) with the aforementioned cool married couple (coffee flavored whip cream on my waffle – yummm) then we checked out the Chalk Art Walk in Larimer Square.

Tomorrow, I must to get back to my healthy ways.  My road trip out here threw me off track for a bit and I’m looking forward to getting back to where I was a couple weeks ago.  It’s a good place.

Sunday Wrap Up: Not What I Expected

I was getting sick on Friday so I stayed “home” (in my hotel room) and didn’t try to make plans.  I felt well enough on Saturday to go run some errands.  Saw SATC2 and it was just okay.  I wasn’t expecting much though.  Then I went to this art festival in downtown Denver which was fun.  I always love going to those things to see what people are doing.  It’s inspiring.  Then I met up with a good friend who is in town.  I thought I would just go to dinner with him, not drink, then go home so I don’t risk making my cold any worse.

What I ended up doing is having a blast and staying up almost all night long!  After not really going out for 5 months at home I guess I need to get my party on!  Today, I bought a bed frame and dresser – thrilling, I know – and I am so brain dead that this is all I can write for now.  No wit.  No details.  Just the facts.

Sorry, since I’m 35 years old I should recover by this time next week 🙂