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Travel Thursday: Bike it!

I had the best time today and I technically traveled but just around my new city of Denver.  By bike!  I don’t know which city was the first to start a public bike program, perhaps Paris, but more and more cities are taking notice and starting their own systems and luckily for me, Denver is one of them with the B Cycle Program.  I simply registered for free online then paid $5 to use a bike for 24 hours (there are longer term options, of course).  There are tons of stations around the city and there’s one about a 10 minute walk from my apartment.  Very handy.  So I picked up my bike and my friend and I rode all over the place.  We stopped at a book sale at the library and there was a bike station there so I parked the bike… then after the sale I picked up another one and we were off again!

It’s such a great way to travel from one place to another on a nice day.  Or even on a day like today which was 91 degrees and muggy.  But I noticed so many different shops and cute houses and beautiful flowers as I rode around.  Streets that I’ve driven down tons of times felt new to me.  I was much more connected to my surroundings.

Even if your city doesn’t have a bike system you can surely find several bike stores from which you can rent one for the day.  Go for it!  Get a new perspective on your city.  But be careful and stick to the side streets when possible.  People in their big fat cars usually aren’t paying attention to you so you have to watch out for yourself.


Travel Thursday: Inspiration

Here are a few photos of mine that will hopefully inspire you to take a trip (or at least seriously start planning for one in the not-too-distant future).

- Tourist at the Grand Canyon

- Sedona gorgeousness

- Dorking, England has great hiking with beautiful countryside views

- Cuixmala resort, West Coast of Mexico

- Autumn in Paris