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Free For All Friday: Color IQ and Double Rainbow Guy

Does everyone see color the same way?  Take this test to find out what you see vs. what is correct.  I scored an 11 which I think is decent but I wish I had done better.

Speaking of color, in case you’re curious what the “Double Rainbow” guy looks like check this out:


Free For All Friday: Two Videos

Here are two videos that I think you all should see.  The first is “Logorama” which won the Academy Award for Best Short Film this year.  It’s incredible.  Seeing a maniacal Ronald McDonald is worth your time in addition to the incredible imagination that goes into the logo placements.

Unfortunately, this video has closed captioning that I can’t figure out how to get rid of so if it bothers you then watch the original video posted on Vimeo here.

The second video is one that just made me laugh out loud.  Several times.  I know the oil spill has devastated so many people so maybe it’s a bit early to visit the humorous side of this nightmare but if you can let go for just a couple of minutes this is worth it.  I can’t figure out how to embed the video so you can watch it here.

Happy Friday!